Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our California Christmas!

Going home to SLO (San Luis Obispo, CA) is always breath-taking! Pictured above is one of my favorite little Central Coast treasures- looking through the "cave" (it's more like an arch) at Whales Cove and down to the beach. You'll see some more pictures of this little spot further on down!We stayed with my parents- aren't they the cutest?! My mom's been married to Dave for over 11 years now and they still act like newly-weds; I LOVE it!

Merry Christmas Mom and Dave- A bunch of us kids got them digital photo frames! Doesn't she look stoked?! I just think my mom is the cutest and most lovely lady ever! She's super photogenic!

Merry Christmas Sam! A cedar amunition box with some new books to add to our library. Now that he's not in school and can read whatever he wants- he LOVES it! I got him a few books about his favorite subject; the Founding Fathers and early American History- may sound nerdy- but he really loved it! The cedar box has geese carved onto the side, but it's hidden by wrapping paper.

Me with my neices Shmourtney (Courtney), Blabigail (Abigail), and their new little TINY brother- Atticus (I'll figure out a quirky nick-name soon!) McKay and Chris sure now how to make 'em cute!

One of my favorite things during the holidays; singing Christmas carols at my mom's piano- She and Hillary look so happy! I think it's because Haylee and I sound AMAZING!

Another fun thing I got to do during the holiday was come up with an exterior paint scheme for Hillary and Roberts Craftsman-style bungalow. This is the before shot; there will be after shots when they paint it!

My mom and I went shopping at Pacific Coast Home & Garden the day after Christmas and my mom snagged a killer deal on some accessories for her mantel- they would have been like 3 for $180 and she got all three for $20. Too much fun- look at that smile on her face!

This is my other new nephew! Konner is Brigham and Shandells second little boy and isn't he TO DIE FOR CUTE! Look at those thighs- not to be wierd, but I just want to nibble on them!

My nephew Emerson, Sam and I went to another Central Coast Treasure together; the Monarch Butterfly Grove in Oceano! They come through town I think on their way to Mexico and stay on the Central Coast for a few months in the Winter.

Believe it or not- here's a literal "bunch" of butterflies just up in the trees! When we first got there- I didn't even notice these bunches because I just thought they were bunches of leaves!

One tender little butterfly soul on the ground. Don't worry- he was still alive, and I wanted to move him to safety, but some hippy chick told me "I don't think you should touch it- we're supposed to leave it where nature intends it to be!" I thought to myself- "Where- on the bottom of someones birkenstock?!!!" Well, at least I got a good picture!

View from the Butterfly Grove to the Ocean- can you see it?

A lovely little Ice Plant Flower. Thank you Digital Macro!

Me! The town of Pismo Beach is in the background.

Another view from Whales Cave- looking toward the shore of Pirates Cove (it's a nudey beach, but we didn't see any nudeys... just nude seals!)

Sam and Dave prepping the wall for crown moulding at my parents house. Sam had been wanting to help my folks with their moulding since July! He was litteraly SO excited to work with his hands and help out; not to mention he looked pretty hunky showing off his manly carpenter skills!

I LOVE this picture! Sweet baby Atticus in his Grandma's loving arms; she has such a way with babies!
Sam and I walked around downtown SLO and snapped this picture in Bubblegum Alley... yes, an entire alley completely covered with bubblegum... They have stuff like 1940 written in bubblegum! Yes my friends, another true Central Coast Treasure!

Mother Nature displays her best Plate Tectonics at Montana de Oro

Sandpipers "diggin" the sand as much as we did!

Happy Birthday Sammy! Even though he shares a birthday with Old Father Time (New Years Eve) he was a spoiled boy! He got a juicer, (he totally wanted it and we really love it now!) a book (of course) and some Cabela gift cards (insert masculine grunt here); not to mention his other gift below...
Sam went golfing with my brothers and Dave on the morning of his birthday! Thanks Dave and Brigham!

We went to this FABULOUS Teppan style Japanese restaurant in Pismo Beach for New Years Eve called Yanagi. We all just sat around the grill and watched our delicious food be prepared right before our eyes! I ordered salmon and it was some of the best salmon I'd ever had! I don't know what Sam was thinking- he ordered chicken...

Brigham and Shandell had a little get-together at their new house in Templeton for New Years Eve; it was WAY fun because we played Guitar Hero- World Tour! Let's just say I totally rock the Casbah at the drums... seriously.
We ventured up to Santa Rosa to visit my brother Joe and his beautiful family (Joe- you're beautiful too). Little Kate, Ethan and big sister Robyn below!
She always draws me little pictures that say "I LOVE YOU" She's the best!
K- a random end for my entry, but Charles Shulz (the creator of the Peanuts gang) resided for quite a long time in the Santa Rosa area. There are Ode to Snoopie and gang statues everywhere! So, besides almost getting car-jacked in San Francisco, we LOVED our Christmas Holiday!