Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My new Design Blog- Interiorologie!

Hi Ya'll! I just wanted to let you know that I created a new design blog! Mostly for the reason of emailing the link to future employers (as I'm looking for full time work). But also because maybe by having a design blog, I'll be more apt to design more! Please check it out at the link below and perhaps save it in your favorite blogs to visit ;)
I hope you enjoy!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Maybe the best idea. Ever.

Do you remember the cartoon, Lady Lovely Locks? Well, I used to be a big fan, infact, one of my favorite dolls was Lady Golden Waves. I found her spontanious ability to turn herself into a mermaid at her leisure and fancy quite impressive! Anywho, I think I may have done the unpardonable... It appears that I have successfully vacuumed up every Lovely-Lockian in the Kingdom. Hence the fact that my vacuum has been broken 2 times in the last 2 years! Ok, so the dolls are just an excuse- it's all MY fault! But, when you have bodacious locks like mine, you have to deal with the consequences! Well, at least my vacuum and Sam do.Just check out these taunting tresses people!!! (Yes- I'm frowning. Wouldn't you if your vacuum was broken?!!!)
So I had to get creative- there has to be a way to get MOST of the hair off of my floor before I vacuum, right? I got to thinking, if my coat has hair all over it, I use a lint roller! So- I have concluded to make my own GIANT lint roller. I know- genious! So I go to the hardware store to collect the following items:

A painter's extender...
and a roll of enormous duct tape.
I already had a paint roller at home, so I took that...
attached it to the extender...
wrapped it with the duct tape... (sticky side out!) and rolled around my house like a crazy person! Look how GROSS!!!! Well, my vacuum HAS been broken for a couple of weeks people. But it WORKS! I might just have to start doing a quick roll through before I vacuum every week once the old sucking broom gets fixed! Anywho, just a neccessary creative moment- I hope you enjoyed the awkwardness of my life!