Friday, May 1, 2009

The 3-amigas and a little bambino...

I have so much catching up, that I'm just going to write some of the highlights of the last 2 months! So in April (yeah, I haven't updated in WAY too long) my friend Kadie and I went up to Idaho to suprise our friend Brooke for the Weekend. She was visiting from Idaho, and just recently had a baby boy, Jett! Kadie and I just couldn't resist any excuse (and he's a way cute excuse!) to see Brooke! Here's some pics from our weekend!

Look at those big blue eyes! He's such a doll!

Here we are- the Designing DIVAS! We met in the Interior Design Program up at BYU-Idaho. Kadie (baby "E"inside!!!), Me & Brooke! Kadie is due in August so she loved getting the baby low-down from new Mommenschpiel, Brooke!

Brooke's Grandpa, proudly embracing his newest Great-grandsons! I just love Jett's facial expressions!

Brooke with that new Mommy glow!

Me, with that "Auntie" glow!