Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Ward is Cool.

We've really grown to love our ward (incase you don't know what a ward is- it's Mormon speak for a congregation). Sam is a Scout Leader and I'm a CTR teacher for the 7 year-olds. Infact, tomorrow my team teacher Amanda and I are throwing a party for our class because they've been so good and attentive in class! Anyway, besides loving our callings, we've also had some fun at different ward activities.
A lady in our ward is a retired drama Teacher. This darling lady decided to put together a Mystery Dinner Play for the adults in the ward. Sam was hesitant to attend because he was SUPPOSED to be in it and totally never showed up for rehearsals. Anyway, they made do and right before it started, Sam decided he'd like to go. I was glad because I really wanted to and I especially wanted that weekend to be all about ME because Sam had been sick with influenza B for like a whole WEEK (I think the "B" makes it sound much more professional- if a flu can be pofessional...)!

I didn't get a really good picture, but here's the back of someone's head and the stage! Honestly, I think Sam and I both expected the play to be really cheesy; however we were both pleasantly suprised when it turned out HILARIOUS! Seriously, it was so fun to see our friends in our ward in a totally different context. Especially Bonnie (the retired drama teacher) who I just thought was just a sweet lady that played the organ on Sunday... what an understatement! She's certainly sweet- but she's also hilarious and full of so much energy! She played a famous actress who had her precious ruby stolen on a movie set. I think my favorite part of her costume was her bright red feather boa. I don't think I'll ever look at her the same! Also, our friend Natalie proved to be quite the drama diva! She cracked us all up as she was playing the "woefull, wrongfully accused suspect" of the ruby thieving! All in all, it was a great night and it made us love and appreciate our ward even more!

Besides the mystery dinner play, the Primary Presidency held an "awards night" to share their appreciation with all of us Primary Teachers. The decorated the relief society room- yes, that's a red carpet (boy am I easy to please!) and presented us each with an award accompanied by our own "Golden Statue". Can't you tell I'm excited? The award just highlighted each of our strengths as a teacher:
As you can SEE- my award was for "Attention Getting" when I teach my class. Well, if you know me at all, you know I LOVE attention! I think the award was very fitting :)

Oh! And there's our ward Starlett- Natalie and her husband Mike recieving their awards! They're tons of fun and they have the cutest kids in the ward- hands DOWN! I have to admit though, the best part of the night was when the Primary Presidency showed us a tape they put together of the kids in our classes talking about why they liked their teachers. It was so cute to see the kids talk about all of us and made my little heart just MELT and want to give them all hugs when I saw them on Sunday! Man- they're so freakin' cute- it makes it all worth it!

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Dance Dance Revolution with the Kinney's!

Our friends Kadie and Jacob invited Sam and I over for a little dining and dancing! Kadie is PREGGERS, but it doesn't stop this dancing diva from when it comes to DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). She is the reigning QUEEN, and as you'll see in the video below- Jacob is reigning KING! Sam, you ask? I think he's the Jester and I'm the laundry girl to them all...
Kadie's a ROCKSTAR and I LOVE her little baby bump! how CUTE! You GO girls (Kadie's having a girl... I'm sure she'll be just as "kickin" as Kadie is)!Can you see the concentration in my face? Yeah, it takes a lot of effort for me... AWKWARD!

This video speaks for itself... SHAKE it Sam!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hangin' wit da boyz

So. last weekend was all about Sam! We had some of his buddies over on Friday night that he sold pest control with down in San Antonio; Daniel Woodall and Tyler White. We played Settlers of Zarahemla, the card game Golf, and a Ticket to Ride- some of our favorite board games! Anyways, I played the "perfect wife" and made everyone Orange Chicken and Rice for dinner, organic Apple slices and even splurged on Chocolate Covered Pretzles... I know, I'm kind of a big deal. There might have been too much excitement though because Woodall got it planted into Sam's head that he needed to buy "EPIC DUELS"- a Star Wars board game that is no longer made and you have to spend a million dollars to get it on ebay... well, not that much, but SHEESH! Anyway, I'll finish that story later.
Saturday morning we decided we'd head down to watch the BYU vs. UTAH Basketball game in Provo- Sam was stoked! BYU won the game (whoo hoo!) and it was neck to neck the whole time. Of course Sam and I had fun belting our lungs out to the Cougars victory song every 15 minutes- it was good times!
Just when you thought our weekend couldn't get any more FUN, Saturday night we met up with Sam's favorite mission companion, (Elder) Winslow Burton and his wife Heidi. We ate at this DELICIOUS little Chinese grill called Charlie Chow's Dragon Grill in Salt Lake City! We always love finding new spots and this one was definitely a winner! It's kind of like a Mongolian grill style- where you put all of the fresh ingredients you want in a bowl with sauce and have the grill-meister cook it up for you- soooo good- I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a yummy, casual and fun place to eat (nicely designed atmosphere too).

So, it was all about Sam last weekend- but it turned out to be just as much of a blast for me- maybe because I love him soooooooo much!
P.S.- Sam suprised me on Monday with his "by the way... I kind of bought EPIC DUELS on ebay today on my lunch break..." It looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of Daniel Woodall at our place- good times! Well, it's all good I guess, because now I can buy something for myself for the same amount of money he spent- I love how things always work out!