Thursday, October 7, 2010

California Trip- Happy Birthday Mom!

Last weekend, my "Wise and Beautiful Mother" (that's what I call her all the time) treated all of her kids and grandkids to a trip to San Francisco for her birthday! I know- she's SO awesome! They met Sam and I at the airport and we thought we'd spend some quality time together before the rest of my siblings landed! First stop: the Oakland Temple! I love the gardens here, the view and the Asian inspired design... p.s. that's not smog people, the bay area is known for its foggy marine layer! It burned off later that day :) 

 I just love all of the flowers around the temple... and I'm a sucker for the digital macro setting on my camera!
 Here's the beautiful birthday girl! Actually, her birthday is tomorrow, the 8th but she likes to draw-out good things.  For instance, I'm not known for time management, and sometime she'll get her birthday card from me a day or two late, and she's so sweet because she'll say "Oh, I LOVE it! I love it when my birthday gets drawn-out longer!" 

 We got married in the Idaho Falls temple, it worked for us at the time (like ALL of Sam's sisters were 9 months preggo and we didn't want them to miss it if they couldn't travel) but a little part of me wishes we would have gotten married here in Oakland, it's so beautiful! Just look at the gardens below! Maybe I should have brought my white dress.... haha- jk!
My stepdad Dave is the best thing that ever happened to my mom! He makes her laugh and smile and her true beauty shines through in his presence.  I love him too- he's AWESOME! (He's picking her up and she's laughing and kicking her feet...)
 After the Temple we decided to hit up a local hot spot called Fenton's Creamery.  They've been in business for over 120 years and they INVENTED Rocky Road Ice Cream! Look what Dave got...
 Mmmmmm! Look What I got (Sam and I shared, people)! This was the best mint-chip I've ever had! Below that is their famous Rocky Road... amazing!
 I got to meet my Nephew David (named after his grandpa David)! He's our family's miracle baby for sure.  His mom, my sister Roxanne, and his Dad Mike had been hoping for a child for 4 years and one glorious day found out they were pregnant a week before they had their first fertility specialist appointment.  They were so thrilled, of course! Well, about 24 weeks into her pregnancy she went into early labor and David was born... WAY too early! We prayed and fasted and prayed for this boy for weeks and weeks and now he's doing wonderful!
He's such a sweet boy and he drools a LOT! Hahaa- it's kind of a Platt trait- my brother brigham was a huge drooler baby too, we're talkin the front of his shirt was always soaked through! Roxanne and Mike got extra clever though and he wears a bib most of the time so it can collect the waterfall... (Brigham's wife Shandell is holding him here).
Part of the festivities for the weekend were a trip to the San Francisco Zoo.  It was right on the coast so the marine layer fog was thick! It never burned off and my hair became a poof-ball! Sam and I just went WILD at the zoo! Kind of like Pinocchio, we were so crazy that we turned into Giraffes! Thankfully we didn't turn into Donkeys, that would be awkward...
 Sam found a long lost relative at the zoo! Isn't the likeness striking? 
Hahaa! Just sayin...
 One of the cutest kids in the universe, my nephew Atticus (McKay's son). He's all smiles and running around energy all of the time!
 This was one of our highlights of the zoo.  My mom ran over to us and said, "I am now a Rhino whisperer!" We were confused, but then she explained that the Rhino was hanging out in a little rest area, my mom saw it in there so she coaxed it to come out and visit her at the fence... I guess he came right when she started motioning at it and talking to it like a baby that's learning to walk, "C'mon, you can do it!".   And he came right over to her! I thought it was appropriate, since Rhino's are my mom's favorite animal and it was her birthday party afterall!
Sam was convinced he could do it too, and low and behold when we went over there, Sam joined the ranks of Rhino Whisperer with my mom!  I was kind of worried about the lack of horn on the poor guy, but I guess in the wild, they're known to wear their horn off against rocks and grow a new one, that's what this guy did too, just growing a new horn for the season!
 Courtney and Robyn are my lovely nieces and they're sporting the shirt I designed for my Mom's birthday.  She requested that the kids all have a matching shirt at the zoo.  They loved them!
 Here's a close-up of the shirt I designed.  Each elephant represents a niece or nephew (aka, grandchild of my mom) The orange elephants are the grandsons and the purple (my mom's favorite color) are the granddaughters. I love illustrator!

My mom and little Allie Rose (my brother Joe's youngest)! She's such a cutie, she looks just like her big brother Ethan when he was a little guy.  Her mom endearingly calls her "Brutus" because she's so cute and chunky! I think I was still the fatest baby though... seriously.  My mom called me Buddah baby... that's a lot huskier than Brutus!
 Brigham's oldest son Austin carting Ethan and Abigail in the treat wagon... we travel with food!
 Cousins having fun!
 After the Zoo, the next stop was Chevy's for dinner.  I love their home-made tortillas and my mom LOVED wearing this sombrero! Actually, it grossed her out and she wondered how many people wore that hat before her... she's a detal hygientist, so cleanliness is much desired.
 These too cousins look like they're having TOO much fun... I thought they were kissing, but I guess it was a staring contest! Abigail and Austin are usually inseperable!
  See! I caught 'em! No shame here...
 Jenny's son Ashton loved the sombrero, germs or not! 
 We went back to the hotel and Jenny sang the song she wrote for my mom.  It was so pretty, I was getting all choked up! I love it when Jenny sings!
The next morning we went to this awsome breakfast place (I forget the name) but they had these Minnie Mouse Pancakes for the little girls. Way too cute!
 That's where we presented my mom with our 2nd group gift (the first was family pictures, I'll post them when I get them).  We put together a book of memories each of us kids had with my mom and some pictures to go along with them.  We used I highly recommend them!  As you can see, my mom loved it! She is doubling over laughing at some of the memories people wrote because, let's be honest, some of them are priceless!
 Jenny and I got a little too excited about the scraps left behind on our family's plates.  Yes, we're scavengers and we're proud! How else would we taste the whole menu? My nephew Emerson left 1/2 of his Ghiridelli chocolate waffles behind! CRAZY! Jen just likes a good thick slice of bacon!
 One more trip to the temple with some of my siblings and my beautiful sisters in law Shandell and Misty!
I have a million other photos, but I wanted to share the jist of our trip.  I'll probably post the rest on facebook :) Thanks Mom and Dave for the unforgettable trip! We love you and we had a blast with everyone in the city by the bay!