Friday, October 9, 2009

Sam's Conference Weekend Suprise...

Last weekend was the 179th Semi-Annual General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I always look forward to Conference for the uplifting guidance from our church leaders, Apostles and our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. If you want to listen to or read the Conference, go here:

Anyway, the fun begins here... I LOVED waking up and listening to Conference in my Pj's on our new sectional!
Sam loves it too- we're constantly fighting over the coveted end section, and during conference I won that battle! However, it didn't take Sam too long before he got really comfy and fell asleep. I kept trying to wake him up, but alas, the powerful low voices of our wonderful leaders were just the perfect lullabye...
I decided that if he was going to fall asleep during one of the most important times of the year- he'd have to suffer the consequences. I busted out one of my old tricks (for my old roomate Allie and my buddy Brett, this will bring back FOND memories)!

Yes, it's bright orange. Believe me- I could hardly contain my snickering laughter- and he almost woke up during his relaxing treatment!

You're probably thinking, "I can't believe she would risk getting wet nail polish on her new sectional!" Well, the sectional was fine- and it was WAY too much fun to worry about that! As for Sam's reaction? He woke up and took a nice long stretch... when he looked down- that relaxing stretch was abruptly ended as quick as a rubber band could snap! He demanded I take it off, but I kind of waited a while to bust out the nail polish remover. I think President Thomas S. Monson could use this in his next conference talk, what do you think?