Monday, November 24, 2008

Dreams can come true!

Sam and I went to the Coldplay- Viva la Vida concert on Saturday night and it was UNBELIEVABLE! Sleepercar opened up for them and I ended up really liking them too- never heard of them before Saturday. But enough about that! Coldplay played about 20 songs and I was screaming the entire time- Sam thought he lost his wife and a stranger was jumping up and down and singing at the top of her lungs next to him- but I couldn't contain myself!

During the song Lovers in Japan, a vast array of paper butterflies were released from the rafters- it was BEAUTIFUL and you better believe I went down after the concert and took two pocket-fulls! The lady guarding the entrance to the main floor said "And where do you think you're going?" I told her I left my purse and had to go find it. She fell for it and this is how I got my pretty concert momentos. We had a blast- even though we were sitting in the nosebleed section- the energy was contagious, the music and visuals were vibrant and unforgettable! They're in the US for a few more days and I told Sam that I want to fly to Anaheim or Phoenix and see them all over again!

Friday, November 7, 2008

the Folks visit SLC

Oh happy day when "The Parents" come to town! "The Parents" is what our blended family calls what other families just say "Mom and Dad"- It's WAY fun! So, the parents hadn't seen Jenny's new baby, so they came into town for that and for General Conference this last October. I just simply adore them- and they hadn't seen our place since I got married- so there was a little pressure for things to be "just perfect"! It's all good- cuz I kind of need an excuse to clean my house every once in a while!

Here we are- striking a pose at the Saturday afternoon session of Conference.

Jenny's little Ashton LOVES Grandpa! Who wouldn't? Dave ROCKS!

This is my mom's classic baby hold- I don't know how it happens- but once a baby is in this hold- they get completely captivated by my mom's hypnotic baby babble chanting!
Happy Birthday Mom! So- she needed a new curling iron DESPERATELY! I surprised her for her birthday and of course she did the chin hold to thank me. This is another classic Marilyn mannerism!

Thanks for taking this picture Sammy- I love the way the water is spraying up almost in the same shape as the Temple behind it!

My Mom and I sharing a special moment in the Church Office Building- she also took me downstairs where she ran into President Spencer W. Kimball while she and her mom were looking for the restrooms; My Mom decided to wait outside of the restroom for my Grandma to come out- and all of a sudden President Kimball walked around the corner and almost bumped into my Mom! She was speechless at first and finally managed a " OH! Hello!" He said hello back and kept walking. She was in complete shock when my Grandma got out of the restroom and basically just said- "Mom- you just missed the Prophet!" Crazy, huh?!

I know- not a usual photo you would find after reading a story about a Prophet- but we went to Buca di Beppo in SLC for my Mom's birthday. There's all sorts of fun little decor like this in that place!

The birthday girl - Splurging on gelato and cannoli's!

Ashton- looking perfect- as USUAL!

We did a session at the Bountiful Temple with my Parents- it was fabulous!

The view from the Bountiful Temple looking west. I never realized how beautiful this place could be!
Sam and me outside of the Temple

My New Nephew!

So- my nephew Ashton was born in August- and that's how often I get on here to update my blog! My sister Jen and her husband Jake passed on some great genes to this little feller- I just have to show the world!

He's still pretty young here- but in my next post, you'll see what a big boy he's becoming!

Just between us- this is the blankie I'm making him! I wanted to wait until he spit up on all of his other blankies before I gave him mine.... actually- this is my first one EVER and pretty much it's going to be the death of me!