Saturday, November 20, 2010

Remember September

This post is my "Ode to September" (remember how I'm trying to catch up on some of the happenings around here?).  First stop, my garden...
 Sam and I LOVE baby tomatoes, the sweet cherry kind, the mini pear shaped kind, romas, you name it. Do you ever wonder what to do with all of your garden tomatoes? My Mom told me to roast them in the oven for a couple of hours and make the most amazing tomato sauce ever- so that's what I did- It was fabulous!
 September also brought a wonderful suprise- I was able to meet Jennifer and her kids for the first time.  Here's the story- try to follow (remember my family tree is VERY complex!).  Most of you know I'm adopted, right? So I was doing some family history research on my birth-family's line on and saw another woman that was researching the same line as me.  I emailed her and itroduced myself as a biological descendent of that particular ancestor.  I asked her how she was related.  Well, she replied back saying that her kids she adopted (D, O, and A) are also related to that ancestor and that she was doing some family history research for them so when they were old enough to be interested, they'd know about their roots.  I was like "No way- I was adopted from this birth family as well!"

Long story short, we realized that D, T and O's birth-mom is MY birth-mom's 1st cousin. Not only that, but they were also adopted into a Mormon family and they come out to Utah every year to visit family. Yes- they came in September and I got to meet them! D and I hit it off- she told me she was excited to have an older cousin from her birth-family that was also Mormon and knows what it's like to be adopted.  She is so sweet. It was fun to meet O also (D's half brother)- he had fun throwing a ball around with Sam at the park.  I didn't get to meet A this time (O's twin brother) because he couldn't come out this trip, but it was so great to get to know them and start a fun relationship with them.
 Next stop- Timpanogos Caves: Chari and Chase (newlyweds!!!) came with us to the Timpanogos caves and let me tell you it was QUITE the hike! I was totally laggin' the whole way up to the entrance, but it was way fun to be with them and the lack of oxygen to my brain was worth the view!
 Yes, I'm taking this picture of Sam and Chari from this far behind- I thought there was a shuttle up to the caves for some reason... pah haah haa!
 Right when I reached the top and was gasping for breath, I almost got knocked down by someone trying to give me a big hug- It was my cousin Jenny from my Checketts side! (September was a cousin reunion month!) It was sooooo good to see her- I can't even tell you. Her mom, my Aunt Marianne, is my Dad's sister- some of you know, my Dad died when I was 19 so I cherish any contact I have with his side of the family.  Plus, my Aunt Marianne is basically my Dad in female form- she's hilarious!
 Inside the caves! It was so worth the hike- behold one of many amazing stalagtite treasure troves!
 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Sam and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary on September 6th- I can NOT believe it's been that long but in a wierd way it feels like we've been together forever.  I made him one of our favorite breakfast dishes, "Dutch Babies" aka German Pancakes... Do you like his beard? It's not necessarily my cup of tea, but he's still a handsome bloak if your into the Idahoan woodsy look...
 Yummmm dot commmmm!!!! I like mine with a dollop of sour cream or yogurt and some fresh strawberry preserves.  This time we were lucky to have the best yogurt in the WORLD to go on top...
 Have you jumped on the Greek Yogurt band-wagon yet? Well if you didn't jump on "The Greek God's" brand, you're totally depriving yourself! I crave this stuff like ice cream and it's SOOO good for you! I've tried other Greek Yogurt brands and they were honestly kind of gross so I was a little hesitant to try this one.  Let's just say we buy it in bulk now! Honey is the best flavor too. (Thanks Julie for the recommendation!)
 Before we left for our Anniversary adventure, Sam had to check on his teams... happy anniversary to me... ;)
 One of our stops was Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon, I thought it fitting for the occasion.  It was beautiful!
 Then we went to Robert Redfords resort, the Sundance just to look around.  Sam loved the doors on this convention room.
 We decided to go back to a restaurant we went to on our first Anniversary in Midway/Heber (between Sundance and Park City).  Tarahumara- their Mexican food is DELICIOSO y MUY AUTENTICO- si, si!! If you're ever in Midway, check it out!
 I like taking pictures of food :) above is my meal! I had fish (I forget which kind) with a mango salsa on top- YUMMERS!
 Sam had some smothered pork enchiladas which were fantastico!
 Of course, Sam had to check the score at the restaurant! Notice how I stratigically placed him facing away from the TV- which didn't exactly work... I guess when there's a will there's a way!
 Next we were craving some naughty DESSERTS! We decided to try these puppies at the Zermatt Resort in Midway.  Sam got this Lemon Tart which he bit into before I could take a picture.
 And I got this Chocolate Bon Bon thing...
 How could I refuse?!!!

After all that Sam humored me with my anniversary wish to paint pottery at Color Me Mine pottery studio.  I have wanted to do this FOREVER! Basically you go to the studio and select a piece of pottery to purchase, then you get to use the studio paints to decorate it however you want.  There is a studio fee to pay for your share of paints, but we went on a "family night special" and only paid $3 each to use their paints.  Once you're done, they fire it for you and call you when it's time to pick it up.
Not only did Sam humor me, but he totally got into his design.  We're both kind of artsy/creative people so when we're in the zone we really focus and get into our projects. 
We decided to paint oversize mugs for each other as our gifts to use for ice cream bowls. I love having a handle when the ice cream makes the bowl freezing!
 I decided to go with a Greek theme (since that's the most masculine thing I could think of as far as decorated ice cream bowls go AND maybe I was on a kick from the Greek yogurt I had for breakfast...) The one I painted for Sam says "SAMMY'S ICE CREAM VESSEL FROM HIS GODDESS OF LOVE" ;) too cute, right?  And the one Sam painted for me says "DEVANIE LOVES ICE CREAM AND SAMMY!" I know- awesome!
and as a little suprise for the inside when you take your last bite, I painted a Grecian Harp for Sam to discover and Sam painted- well, you can see! I love that he put polka dots on it for me.  These are pictured before they were fired so the colors seem dull here.  I'll have to show you what they look like for real some other time.  All in all, it was such a FUN date for our anniversary and I think it would be fun to design some commemorative pottery every year!


Dan and Laura said...

What a fun anniversary! You guys are too cute!

Karla, A Cali Girl in Idaho! said...

Oh your little life is fab! So fun to hear about all the family stuff. Good for you to meet those wonderful people. Love you!

Ashley Schill said...

I love your long post dev!!! Where to begin with my comments?! First, I love the pic of your garden tomatoes. They look like they are straight out of a cooking magazine! Second, that is so cool about meeting some of your birth cousins! What a small world! Third, I'm impressed you hiked Timpanogos Caves. I always wanted to but never did. I don't think I could handle the hike! Fourth, Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been 3 years. It sounds like you guys had a perfect day celebrating! I'm also glad to know someone else's husband checks the scores everywhere as well. Just the other night Jeff and I were eating out and he kept sneaking glimpses of the game on the TV! Well, keep the posts coming! Love you!

Melonius said...

even though i'm sitting here eating my lunch you are totally making me hungry. and those mugs rock!

Corrina Baker said...

fun stuff! I am blog creeping, old BYI friend